Title Marketer
Job Information

Marketing executives are involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. It is a varied role that includes:

  • planning;
  • advertising;
  • public relations;
  • event organisation;
  • product development;
  • distribution;
  • sponsorship;
  • research.

The work is often challenging and fast-paced.

Many organisations have marketing departments, meaning that marketing executives can be found in both the private and public sectors, ranging from the financial, retailing and media industries to voluntary and public sector organisations.

The responsibilities of marketing executives vary depending on the size of the organisation and sector and whether the focus is on selling a product or service, or on raising awareness of an issue that affects the public.

Marketing executives may also be known as marketing officers or coordinators.

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Title Computer Engineer
Job Information

A computer engineer, also called a software engineer, is responsible for developing, testing and evaluating the software that make our computers work. They may help in the development of new computer games, business applications or even in the design of entirely new operating systems. A computer engineer may also be responsible for constructing and managing an organization’s computer system and supplying technical support. A computer engineer typically works in an office or laboratory environment as part of a team and enjoys a traditional work schedule.

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Title Secretary
Location 63, Simpson Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos, Nigeria.
Job Information

As a secretary, you would provide administrative support in all kinds of companies and organisations. If you’re an organised person with good office administration skills, this job might be ideal for you.

You’ll be using your written and spoken skills to communicate with a wide variety of people. You would also need to have excellent computer skills and be able to complete your work to a high standard.

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